Technology for independent wall lining with drywall

How to sew the walls with drywall yourself

Due to the fact that the technology of wall sheathing with drywall is carried out on special profiles or immutal glue – this process is quite simple and available to every person.

Plasterboard sheets are for walls, ceiling and moisture resistant. Basically, the size of the sheet is 2, 5mx1, 2m, but in rooms with high ceilings, wall GKLs of 3 mx1, 2m are often used. Also, GCLs are fireproof for the manufacture of arches. For external work, there are gypsum fiber sheets, they are moisture resistant, resistant to environmental effects.

GCLs of gypsum with the addition of special components and 2 layers of special cardboard are. Thanks to this composition of the GCL, the lungs are an excellent basis for all subsequent finishing work, I do not require special alignment.