The fence from the corrugated board is distinctive features

Is it worth it to install a fence made of corrugated board on a suburban area

The fence made of corrugated board is one of the popular types of fence at the present time. Corrugated board can be different colors: gray, bard, green are the most popular colors.

Corrugated board you can order any size of the height, the one that you need for the fence, 1 meter of height, or 1. 5 meters, it all depends on the design of your future fence.

The foundation is used, a frame of pipes, corrugated board, and a stainless grid, cladding of the fence of the fence sandstone. As a mount, we used rivets.

As you can see, such a fence turned out. Ten species.

Popular: using brick columns (faculty), and between them is corrugated board, or other options.