The sequence of actions when gluing the ceiling with wallpaper

Wallpaper Praise Wallpaper: Detailed Instructions

The glue is applied to two -thirds of the canvas, the smeared part is folded “glue on the glue”.

Then apply the glue to the rest of the surface, this site is folded, the canvas rolls into a free roll and is left for 3-10 minutes to soak. The exception is non -woven wallpaper – in this case, the glue is applied to the surface of the walls or ceiling, and not on the wallpaper.

In more detail, the technology of wallpaper gluing is described in a separate article.

What features do you need to know when gluing ceiling walls.

1. Glue for ceiling wallpaper should be thicker than for walls, as it should withstand the weight of drying wallpaper.

2. It is necessary to perform work on gluing wallpaper on the ceiling together: one applies the first third of the canvas to the ceiling, and the second – unfolds and sticks the remaining two -thirds.