Use of expanded clay for thermal insulation

How expanded clay is used for thermal insulation of the room

The use of expanded clay is one of the options for thermal insulation device. The use of expanded clay allows you to insulate the structures.

Keramzit – light, cellular, porous material made of clay with the addition of additives and impurities. It is used as an aggregate for the manufacture of concrete, for the manufacture of building structures, as well as thermal insulation material.

Expanded clay is produced in the form of crushed stone or gravel-depending on the grains fraction: 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm. Keramzit fractions of less than 5mm are called “expanded clay sand”.

Expanded clay in the form of crushed stone is used to arrange the bases for screeds, in the form of gravel – for thermal insulation of floors, roofs, ceilings. Expanded clay sand is added to concrete mixtures, to concrete products to give them sound and heat-insulating properties.