Varieties of ceramic tiles for cladding

What types of ceramic tiles are divided into

Unglazed and unlawed tiles are more durable and resistant to intensive operation, pollution.

If you decide to choose polished or glazed ceramic tiles for laying, in areas of very intensive operation it must be protected from scratches and damage to rugs.

To choose the right ceramic tile, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the room in which the cladding will take place, the approximate intensity of the visit and operation of the floor, as well as where the surface of the cladding is located inside or outside the building. For tiles, the most important parameters for selection are wear resistance and anti -slip effect.

Types of wood rocks and use in construction and repair

How wood is used in construction and repair

Various types of wood are used in the construction and repair of buildings, apartments. Types of wood rocks have different properties.


Pine – the best option for use in construction work. The color of such a breed is light yellow with a pinkish tint. Pine wood is durable, not very hard, resistant to moisture. Since the pine contains a large amount of resin, it is resistant to atmospheric influences, moisture. Along the fibers is easily processed. Construction structures, furniture, plywood, lining, boxes, etc. are made from pine. D.