Varieties of expanded clay features

What type of expanded clay to choose to improve thermal insulation

Depending on the density and limit of compression, expanded clay gravel is divided into stamps.

 Mark 250 Рcompression strength Р0, 6MPA, brand 300 Р0, 8MPA, brand 350 Р1MPA, 400 Р1, 4 and t. D. to the brand 800-1000 with compression strength 4MP.

Expanded clay as material made of natural components does not cause fears in the environmental friendliness and lack of harmful effects on human health when applying.

Keramzit, due to its properties, has a fairly wide list of opportunities for use for thermal insulation of roofs, floors, foundations. Construction blocks are made from expanded clay. Such blocks are approximately lighter than brick, have lower thermal conductivity compared to brick.