Varieties of non -woven wallpaper features

Distinctive features of non -woven wallpaper

Non -woven – divided into 2 types: coating and base – vinyl, or base – non -woven, coating – vinyl.

 Flizelin is a mixture of textile fibers and cellulose, thanks to this, wallpaper is highly resistant to all factors and elasticity. For example, if a new building into the room of which we glue wallpaper, gave a shrinkage and small cracks in the walls appeared, non -woven wallpaper will not be damaged. Unlike vinyl – during gluing they are not deformed and do not stretch. Unlike paper – bubbles and wrinkles do not occur. The glue is applied not to wallpaper, but to the wall, which simplifies the process, reduces glue consumption. Basically, non -woven wallpaper is produced by white, for painting. But do not think that you can leave them without coverage – such operation is not provided.