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Varieties of siding for home Features

Distinctive features of siding for home

The word of foreign origin “siding”, if translated, means “facade trim”.

This material is a special coating for the external walls of the house, which allows you to hide all defects and at the same time has high decorative indicators. To date, the active share of siding in the construction market is actively beginning to increase due to an attractive price.

Now siding in Tyumen can find a variety of types. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. We will try to briefly consider the most popular types of such a coating.

Vinyl siding

Is the most popular view of all available. Vinyl allows you to imitate the most diverse and intricate forms and materials. Moreover, its cost is not so high. He does not peel off and does not burn out in the sun. At the same time, he is moisture resistant and non -combustible.