Wall painting problems Methods for eliminating

What problems can arise when painting walls

I think everyone was faced with the problems of painting walls during the repair.

Even if all the rules are observed, unforeseen problems of painting walls sometimes arise: spots appear, the paint begins to exfoliate, etc. D. Of course, the main conditions of good and reliable wall painting are high -quality plaster, primer and putty, as well as the correct choice of type of paint, but sometimes problems begin for other reasons.

 The appearance of rust stains.

Reason: Spots can appear due to rust on the reinforcement of monolithic walls, as well as other structures that were not protected from corrosion during the device, and over time, the rust appeared through the layer of plaster and primer.

Elimination: in such a situation, the spots should be washed with a 3% solution of hydrochloric acid, loaded and painted.