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Wall processing technology with whitewashing and chalk

How to economically decorate the walls with chalk

Gently smear the smeared cracks with a brush with a brush with a brush, leveling the surface. Let us dry.

We dilute the chalk with water to the density of sour cream, filter through gauze and mix with a wallpaper glue or a clayer, check with your bare hand a density of whitewashing: lower the hand in whitewashing, take out and look at the hand. If the hand looks like a glove – the whitewash is ready. She looks like a density of cream. If such a consistency is not achieved, add either water or chalk.

We take the brush dip to half the bristle into the solution, slightly squeeze over the edge of the container and begin the whitewash. First we spur dark places. After drying, we spur the entire surface across the window from the window. The second time – along the light.