Wallpaper gluing in the corners of the process features

 How to independently stick wallpaper in the corners of the room

Wallpaper gluing in the corners is one of the complex moments when gluing wallpaper. High -quality gluing of wallpaper in the corners depends on the preparation of walls and the correct sequence of work.

The technology of wallpaper gluing consists of fitting, determining the vertical, preliminary priming with glue, applying glue to the canvas and gluing. Before starting work, it is necessary to choose the appropriate glue depending on the type of wallpaper. For the simplest paper wallpaper, you can make glue for wallpaper yourself.

When gluing wallpaper at the corners, it is important not to overexpose paper wallpaper with glue applied, since if they are too wet and become very soft, it will be difficult to gently glue them. The vinyls must be well soaked well so that they become elastic. When gluing non -woven wallpaper, the glue is applied to the wall, not on the wallpaper.