We calculate the cost of the cement screed of the floor

 How much will the cement screed of the floor cost

The cost of the cement screed of the floor depends on the list of work and materials used for its device.

It is important to understand that it is rare when the cost of a cement screed consists only of the screed device. Before the screed, it is necessary to prepare the base or insulation, in some cases reinforcing. Let us consider in detail all the possible stages and the calculation of their cost.

The basis for the device of screed can be sand, gravel, slag, expanded clay, and t. D. depending on the requirement for the operation of the floor and the estimated load on the floor.

These materials are used not only for the isolation device, but also in cases when it is necessary to raise the floor level and do this not due to the thickness of the screed. There are two options for preparing the base: backfilling with sealing tamping or just a sound or thermal insulation device.