What details to pay attention to when buying a carpet

Carpet selection criteria for flooring

Когда петли стриженого и нестриженого ворса чередуются, образуя красивое покрытие — такой петельный ковролин называется скролл.

Когда рисунок из стриженых петель чередуется с такими же по высоте нестрижеными петлями — ковролин катлуп.

Tanurg Washed cut loops – velor.

Woven carpet: as part of such a carpet, pile and the base are produced simultaneously. This technology is used mainly for carpet with woolen pile or for a mixture of wool with other materials.

Needle -grinding carpet: special needles intertwine synthetic fibers and beat, then a pattern is applied over the canvas. Such a carpet is very durable, easy to care. Can last many years. Also affordable. You can lay such a carpet in rooms with intensive operation.