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What is a trailer and a semi -trailer

 What is the difference between the trailer from the semi -trailer: Differences in the species

Trailer – transport more independent. The saddle tractor is optional here – a simple dump truck or a truck with a covered platform, tank, etc. D. Note that the trailer can be attached to the tractor. Note that the load presses exclusively on the wheels and on the frame of the trailer. Trailers are connected to machines by means of stiff coupling.

You can carry on semi -trailers and trailers, at least that, good, they are equipped with various cargoes. The semi -trailers of tent and curtain distribution are the widest – after all, many different cargoes are loaded in them . The curtains and just trailers can be shifted in order to facilitate loading. Therefore, quite large cargoes can be placed in these trailers. So sometimes the “curtain” is suitable for transporting something bulky.