Interior decoration

What is corrugation

What are the corrugated board from creating a fence

Fasten the corrugated board with rivets, or with special self-cuts with a hexagonal head and a rubberized puck, drill at once, they are sharpened as a drill.

On the outside of the corrugated board of the color that you bought, and from the back side it is gray and some if they make a fence from all sides of the house, then the front side is made as in the figure, and the sides where the neighbors, on the contrary, backwards, is so beautiful if the house is not corner or not neighbors on the sides.

They also make a fence and the gate is also from the corrugated board, it looks also beautiful as one as one. Also, some make roofs from corrugated board, the same is not bad.

The corrugated board itself is thin and this is not a paint, for example, a burgundy is the applied thin layer of the plastic base.