What is known about the navigator Vladimir Demyanenko

How the navigator Vladimir Demyanenko achieved popularity

Russian navigator Vladimir Demyanenko Pupil of the Kamaz Master team was previously mechanic Ilgizar Mardeev.

 Then the navigator at the Ukrainian pilot Vladimir Nesterchuk, who died last summer. Now Demyanenko is participating with the Kazakhstan pilot Aydin Rakhimbayev. And another navigator from Russia РKonstantin Zhiltsov. A participant in the most difficult rally raids who helped Leonid Novitsky last year to take a prize in Dakar, and also helped to defeat Jean Louis Shleser on the Silk Road. Now Konstantin Zhiltsov will participate with the current champion Krzyshtof Golovchik. For the first time, an athlete from Russia, Sergey Karjakin, who pilots the Yamaha Raptor ATV, is participated in the test of ATVs.