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What is the reinforced concrete frame in the foundation

Whether it is necessary to use the reinforced concrete frame for the base

The reinforced concrete frame can be with transverse crossbars, with longitudinal crossbars and without crossbars, when the floor panel rests directly on the columns.

In the presence of a frame, external wall panels can be hinged or self -supporting. In a frame-panel building with hinged panels, the weight of the walls is completely transmitted to the frame; The hinged panels do not carry any load, with the exception of their own weight and wind load on the walls of the floor.

For longitudinal reinforcement of these columns, the reinforcement of class A-I, A-and A-III is used. Reinforcement frames can be welded or knitted. The diameter of the rods is usually taken from 12 to 40 mm. The amount of longitudinal reinforcement in the section of the column is set to calculate.