What is used to sound insulation of the floor in the apartment

How to make a sound insulation of the floor in the apartment

 For the floor of the apartment, a substrate is used, which will be installed under the laminate, parquet or other type of flooring.

 Particular attention will be paid to the joints that are located between the wall and the floor, because it is in this area that will be the most noise and penetration of various sound waves. Do not forget that the doors will be another source of noise that you will have to cope with. The presence of a special sheathing can reduce the number of noise penetrating into the room. It is also worth processing all the available joints and places of fastening of the doors with special foam, if there is not enough it or is not available at all. The presence of a vestibule can help improve sound insulation. In a number of situations, the use of glass wool is considered an acceptable solution.