What materials and tools are needed for wall lining with drywall

Materials for wall lining with drywall

What is GKL we have already figured out. What is the profile and suspension. For conventional wall lining, 2 types of profiles are used: CD and UD .

For wall lining, CD 27/60/3000 or CD 27/60/4000 UD27/30/3000 or UD27/30/4000 are mainly used, the length is selected depending on the height of the room. Suspension-this is a metal fastener for attaching the profile to the wall resembles the letter P, mainly for wall lining the P-shaped suspension 125×60 is used .

We move directly to the process of wall lining with drywall. To begin with, on the floor, mark the line of the guide profile mount, then with the help of a plumb line we transfer this mark to the ceiling.