What materials are made from suspensions for hard steel puffs

How reinforced concrete puffs are designed on pendants

With a hard steel puff, the suspension is made of one round rod with a diameter of 25 mm.

The upper end of the suspension rod is fixed in the concrete of the arch, and the lower one is passed through the section of the channel. To tighten the tightening is a nut put on the lower end.

Suspensions supporting reinforced concrete tights are constructed according to the type of centrally stretched element of a rectangular section, reinforced with four rods cooked or connected by transverse rods in the frame. An example of the team of the two -step arch is a design collected from blocks with pre -stressed puff. Such arches are used for spans 18-30 m. The blocks of the body of the circular outline have a double -barreled cross section, and the tightening blocks are rectangular.