What materials are made of interior doors from

Materials for the manufacture of interior doors

The frame is made of solid wood. And the box is most often made from MDF, the surface of which is polished and treated with a high high -class quality -grade quality.

On the surface there may be various patterns or strips.

 It seems that we examined a lot, now I think it’s time to familiarize you with the advantages of doors for painting, by the way there are plenty of them. Pros:

  • All interior doors for painting are of high quality and durability. According to experts, their service life exceeds 15 years. But once every three years, their surface should be painted with high -quality paint or enamel for wood;
  • low cost. Yes, this is true, doors for painting cost several times cheaper than modern already colored. This is due to the fact that the materials are spent on the manufacture are leaving very little, well, and accordingly.