What needs to be done before the installation of ceiling tiles

 Preparatory work before installing ceiling tiles

Before starting installation, it is necessary to prepare the surface for gluing and choose the appropriate glue.

Ceiling tiles are able to hide only small defects and irregularities of the ceiling, so the surface should be even. All old coatings must be removed: the wallpaper is removed and blurred, painted or whitewashing is also blurred and the surface is primed. If the paint cannot be removed completely, it must be cleaned with a mechanical way. The surface for gluing should be dry, clean, even, so you can wipe it with a solvent.

Installation of ceiling tiles begins from the middle of the ceiling. To do this, using the diagonal lines connecting the ceiling angles, we determine the center, and from this center we divide the ceiling into four equal rectangles. On the perpendicular lines we will glue the slabs.