What source of uninterrupted power to choose for a gas boiler

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a source of uninterrupted nutrition

Earlier 5-6 years ago, relay and electromechanical converters were considered the last achievement.

 But both quickly gave way to electronic systems. After all, technological novelties in some parameters ten or more times exceeded their “ancestors”. If someone offers to buy an obsolete version of the UPS, you should not even reflect on the refusal.

Even the most expensive system cannot guarantee absolute uninterrupted food in the house. But this is not a reason to connect water heaters and even more boilers to computer voltage stabilizers.

Firstly, office converters are not designed for those specifications and power that the boiler has.

Secondly, due to the inconsistency of technical characteristics, the converter can harm the heating installation more than if the situation was without it.