Interior decoration

What to pay attention to when choosing partitions

What you need to know when choosing an interior partition

Since partitions are not supporting structures, they must be strong, have sound and thermal insulation, but can be light.

 Thanks to which partitions can be given any form and make them from many types of materials. Partitions can be not only enclosing, t. e. isolate the room completely from the floor to the ceiling. One of the types of partitions is burning out, t. e. those that protect only part of the height of the room or part of the space of the room.

Partitions can be stationary, as well as sliding or transforming. For example, screens, sliding partitions, partitions-bunks, partitions-chips, etc. D. This option is very convenient for rooms with a limited space, when it is necessary to temporarily separate for example the working area and the recreation area or the kitchen and the living room.