What to take into account when constructing the elements of the grate

How to construct the elements of the lattice correctly   

When designing, it is necessary to provide a reliable sealing of the rods in the nodes and the rigidity of the nodes themselves, as well as the installation of embedded parts in appropriate places.

Thickens are arranged in the farm nodes, which provides the necessary survey of the rods of the longitudinal reinforcement of the elements of the lattice. The nodes should be reinforced with two special rods curved along the contour of the bevel, with a diameter of 10-16 mm. These rods should be connected by clamps with a diameter of 8-12 mm with a step of 100-150 mm. Design circuits of the support nodes of farms with various types of strained reinforcement implies that the farms on the columns are supported by supporting steel sheets 10-12 mm thick in the farm nodes during its manufacture.