What to take into account when gluing the ceiling with wallpaper

Features of pasting the ceiling with wallpaper: what you need to know

Wallpaper canvases are glued in the direction of daytime estimate. Before gluing, you need to mark the position of each new wallpaper strip.

 To hold wallpaper near the ceiling for grasping, you can use the floor brush, wrapping it with a dry clean rag. After drying, it is necessary to carefully remove the air bubbles from the wallpaper with a brush and then smooth them with a clamping roller.

In order for the ceiling overlap with wallpaper to be neat, it is necessary to start the ceiling wallpaper 1-2 cm on the wall, then to close them with wallpaper on the wall.

I hope these tips will help you quickly and beautifully stick wallpaper on the ceiling.