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What to take into account when making repairs in the apartment

What to pay attention to during the repair of the apartment

Then you need to take care of sockets, switches and other similar places and also protect them from dust and dirt.

 Typically, they are sealed with paper tape, of course, if only your plans do not have a complete alteration of the wiring. By the way, it is advisable to remove the chandelier in any case, leaving either the insulated ends of the wires, if there is an additional light source, or a cartridge with a light bulb, if there is no one.

To protect other rooms from the dust that forms during repair, usually when the wallpaper is crossed, the cracks between the door and the doorways are plugged with wet fabric. It prevents its further distribution and saves time from unnecessary cleaning, which during the repair so plenty. The main thing is to produce everything according to the plan and you will succeed.