What to take into account when organizing lighting on a closed loggia

How to make lighting on insulated loggia

You should take care of the light in advance. Well, if the room goes to the sunny side.

The costs of lighting in this case will not be as high as in the case when the room is illuminated. The decoration and insulation of balconies and loggias minimally affects the choice of devices. It all depends on the preferences of the property owner and the design project.

The type of insulation is also selected based on the construction budget and the requirements of the client. For example, the technology of insulation of the loggia with foams involves the use of plates from extrusion polystyrene foam. The seams between them are sealed with special foam, which allows you to achieve optimal heat preservation even in a strong weather. The foil layer is also used. It prevents the cold flow from the street from entering the room.