Interior decoration

Whitewashing the walls and ceilings with chalk Modern approach

Is it worth using whitewashing and chalk to finish walls and ceiling

Watching walls and ceilings with chalk? For a long time a well -known and seemingly obsolete and unnecessary type of decoration? But it turns out that is not at all!

 There is a modern trip to the use of this type of work.

I think everyone has probably faced such problems:

– You rented an apartment, but it is not known how much you will live in it, but you want comfort, beauty, cleanliness, but I don’t want to invest in repairs or not the opportunity;

– You are regularly filled with your neighbors – I don’t want to sue, t. To. It makes no sense to make an expensive ceiling;

– You just have to buy an apartment and do not know how you want to redo everything here;

– You have a summer residence that can be drew in the winter, and in the spring it will be very uncomfortable there;

– You have production or storage facilities that need to be updated with minimal costs.